Course Syllabus


During graduate school, Roy Y. Chan has completed the following courses:

Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) (Indiana University, Bloomington) –1) Comparative Education I, 2) Seminar in K-16 Education Policy Studies, and 3) Qualitative Research in Education.

Master’s Degree (M.A.) (Boston College) –1) Higher Education in American Society, 2) Organization and Management of Higher Education, 3) Pro-doctoral Seminar in K-16 Education, 4) Student Development Theory, 5) Diversity in Higher Education, 6) Introduction to Statistics in Educational Research, 7) Social Entrepreneurship and Education, 8) Intermediate Statistics, 9) Sociology of Education, 10) Interpretation and Evaluation of Research, 11) Contemporary Issues in Higher Education – Global Citizenship and Higher Education, 12) Education Law and Public Policy, 13) Qualitative Research Methods, 14) Catholic Higher Education, 15) Institute for Administrators in Catholic Higher Education, 16) Comparative and Global Systems of Higher Education, 17) Organizational Analysis, 18) General Linear Models, 19) Using Environmental Scanning for Strategic Planning in Higher Education, 20) M.A. Comprehensive Examination

Master’s Degree (M.Ed.) (The University of Hong Kong) – 1) Globalization and Higher Education, 2) Managing Organizational Change in Higher Education, 3) Community College Development, 4) Poverty Development and Education: Challenges for a Global World, 5) Methods of Research and Enquiry, 6) Social Science Research: Introduction and Intermediate Quantitative, 7) Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 8) U.S. Students Abroad: Lessons Learned in Rome from Cultural Immersion, 9) M.Ed. Dissertation


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